Penumbra is the result of two slightly fairy and sparkle obsessed (often bored) university students named Natalie and Charlotte.

Name: Charlotte
Nicknames: Bunny, Lotte, Bunbuns
Age: 21
Star Sign: Virgo
Likes: travelling, reading, daydreaming, spinning round in circles
Random Fact: Can touch her nose with her tongue
Email: whitelevianthan
Deviant art: sparklepixie

Name: Natalie
Nicknames: Nat, Natalili, Freckles, Little Bear
Age: 21
Star Sign: Cancer
Likes: Toffee ice-cream, Fruitgums, blank sheets of paper, Knitting, Harry Potter, Dancing (usually in circles)
Random Fact: The ability to completely mis-hear everything and anything

Email: fluffy_snitch
Livejournal: lostfaeri
Deviant art: fairyality


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