Name: Lilith
Age: Unknown
Realm: Air/Love/Fairy
Likes: stormy nights, large fires, spending time alone
Hobbies: Dragonfly racing; watching the night sky; teasing Mika about the size of her bottom.

In contrast to her twin Lylita's cheerful demeanour, Lilith is a sullen little thing. A fairy born from shadow itself and joint heir to the fairy throne. However, Lilith is reluctant to become queen, shying away from the limelight. She dislikes the feeling that her destiny was mapped out from her birth and wants to choose her own place in the world, feeling there's more to her life than being queen. As a shadow fairy, Lilith is naturally drawn to bright lights and fire, as well as magic and the mysterious.


Name: Lylita
Age: Unknown
Realm: Fairy/Air/Love
Likes: sun bathing, boogying, summer
Deep dark secret: Likes to run round naked in the snow.

Lylita is a little ray of sunshine, although that doesn't mean everything she does is right. She's perky and bright, and eager to inherit the throne and the glory that comes with it. Friend to many fairies, this sunlight fey is loyal with a strong sense of duty. At times she gets a little exasperated with her twin and cannot understand the reasons for her behaviour, but still loves her very much.


Name: Mika
Age: Unknown
Realm: Fairy/Air/Love
Likes: cherries, romantic stories, men
Favourite word: Nipples

Mika is a cherry loving little fey. She's good friends with the twins in spite of regular fights with Lilith. She's cute but rather mischievous at times, and has a knack for getting into trouble. Mika was born from a cherry blossom and around her cherries ripen and taste extra sweet. For as long as she can remember, she has longed for a kind of love she cannot have in the fairy realm.



Name: Aerlene Swift (Lene)
Age: 20
Realm: Human/Life/Wisdom
Likes: sword fighting, autumn, challenges
First Kiss: Lysander, age 9

Lene is top of her class and has a strong desire to prove herself. She has startling green eyes and a natural talent with the bow. Her mother, Lydia, was disowned before Lene was born and she never knew her father, but blames him for the sadness she sees in her mother. Like Delaphina she is quite naive, and may come to realise soon that the world isn't as black and white as she thought.

Name: Delaphina Weir (Dee)
Age: 20
Realm: Human/Life/Wisdom
Likes: mermaids, helping people, dashing seafaring gentlemen
Random Fact: One of the few people who manages to fall up stairs

Dee is Lene's closest friend. She is training to become a healer and her natural talent with herbs earned her a scholarship to Nonsuch Knight Academy. She comes from a poor and large, yet loving, family and would like to help support them any way she can. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated with the mermaids and worships the god of the water realm. She is occasionally clumsy and usually ditzy but she has a kind heart and is very passionate about what she believes in. Her dream is to become a Lead Healer.

Name: Cyan Fenton
Age: 21
Realm: Human/Life/Wisdom
Likes: winning, redheads, cats
Random Fact: Also studies healing

Cyan is one of the final year students at Nonsuch Knight Academy.
Cyan is also one of the top in the school in sword fighting, though as they've been in different classes has never faced Aerlene in a fight before. As he's been very lucky in life he's a cheerful confident person. Almost always with a smile on his lips, Cyan is warm and can be quite cheeky.



Name: Evaline
Age: N/A
Realm: Human/Life/Wisdom
Likes: Loyalty, Monogamy, Peace

The clear headed goddess of life, Evaline is the mother figure of the gods and pregnant women make offerings to her to pray for their child's safety. In the human world, marriage ceremonies are performed in her name.

Name: Neifion
Age: N/A
Realm: Mermaid/Water/Clairvoyance
Likes: Women, Oceans, Bronze

Though engaged to Sylph, the goddess of air, Neifion is known for his love of beautiful women, and often changes his form to seduce them. When Sylph learnt of his betrayals of her she went to Neifion's sister Serefina for help in preparing a spell to put a stop to his philandering. Serefina, ever the enemy of her brother, deliberately altered the spell so that when Sylph cast it on her fiancé it blinded him. Forced to develop his sight in other ways, Neifion is now said to have the gift of clairvoyance and fortune tellers commonly pray to him, reading the future in pools of water.

Name: Pantalaimon
Age: N/A
Realm: Elf/Earth/Music
Likes: Trees, Songs, Silver

The youngest of the gods and son of Evaline. Commonly known as Pan, he is seen as a playful spirit of joy, and the festivals in his name are the most lively of all. It is said when he created the elven world he blessed all elves with his natural talent for the bow and music.

Name: Serefina
Age: N/A
Realm: Dragon/Fire/Anger
Likes: Gold, Bravery, Blood offerings

The fiery goddess of anger and Neifion's rival and sister, Serefina is the image of independence and strength. Warriors often make sacrifices to her before big battles, and dedicate the blood of their enemies to her.

Name: Sylph
Age: N/A
Realm: Fairy/Air/Love
Likes: Innocence, Sweet scents, Small creatures

Neifion's fiancée, Sylph is the beautiful goddess of air and love. They say that fairies souls were formed from the stars on her engagement ring, which she threw into the fairy realm when she learnt of Neifion's womanising.